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Interactive Wireframes

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A picture paints a thousand words and as visual technology grows so does the complexity with which it is designed and executed.

In web design and web development the best outcomes are produced by experienced professionals. They can communicate with each other to outline design ideas and concepts but to inexperienced people this translation can be easily lost. Not too long ago design ideas were put into static images and explained through progressive mock-ups using complicated UI direction and function boxes, but with the development of interactive wireframing clients and developers can quickly and easily get onto the same design page.

Interactive wireframing is a web-based prototyping software that allows mock-ups of web pages and app designs to be generated and used in a clickable simulated environment. What was once a static image is now an interactive prototype of a concept which simplifies the interpretation of a developer’s design for a client. iFactory engages a customisable wireframe generator to conceptualise client ideas which limits misunderstandings and facilitates the collaborative process.