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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a powerful marketing tool used to drive traffic to your website

In order to build a “search engine friendly” website that will climb the ranks of Google, your solution has to begin with Search Engine Optimisation (known as SEO).

What is SEO? The process starts with finding out the words and phrases people use to find your product or service, known as keywords. Next, we assess the strength of the sites that already rank for these phrases, which is a great way to benchmark performance. We then set to work building your web pages and incorporating these crucial keywords and phrases in key places.

How well a web page ranks in Google’s organic results does, however, depend on factors beyond content, such as how old the site is, how many pages there are and how users behave on the site. It’s also about your popularity, in other words the number of relevant links that point to your website.

SEO is like a code, and cracking it requires commitment to your digital marketing strategy and the support of a dedicated and multi-disciplinary team of internet web developers and digital marketers.

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