Our Way

5 Fives of Design

Great web design begins with “The 5 Fives”.

We all know that first impressions count. Designs that make great first impressions don’t happen by accident. At iFactory we’re driven by what we’ve coined “The 5 Fives” of web design:

  1. In one fifth of a second, it’s a gut-feeling. It’s emotional and instantaneous. It’s a positive or negative “feel” and it may even be subconscious.
  2. In 5 seconds, that crucial first impression is now set in stone. Does it load quickly? Is it easy to navigate on my device? Is the message clear? Five seconds is all it takes for these questions to be answered for better or worse.
  3. In 15 seconds, it’s time to decide whether to stay or leave. Judgement is swift and severe. With good design you might stay maybe a few minutes, but with bad designs it’s a few seconds.
  4. In 50 seconds, the battle is half won. In that time you’ve explored the home page, scanned the menu, and even rubber-stamped their brand. You’ve probably found what you’re looking for and now deciding if you want it in beige or black.
  5. In 5 minutes, you’re shouting their slogan from the rooftop. Five minutes is an eternity on the web and if you’ve stayed this long, you definitely like what’s on offer and want more.

Intuitive layout, fast load speed, the right colour palette, captivating copy, seamless transitions and cutting-edge features are all crucial to achieving “The 5 Fives” holy grail of website design. With this principle front of mind, your iFactory Brisbane website development team will work hard to understand the triggers for your specific target audience. See our work and judge for yourself.