About the Client

Healthy Land and Water is an independent, not-for-profit organisation working to improve the sustainable use of land and waterways in South-East Queensland. They work with government and private institutions to plan new water developments and offer guidance on how waterways are best managed for now and in the future.

Client Objective

Healthy Land and Water needed to create a set of modules to protect and enchance waterway systems. To do this, they wanted to generate ways to assess current systems and rate the results with a scorecard methodology and scoring system. This required a way to present questionnaires to their users, and be able to collate the resultant data easily. This information would be useful for further planning and consultation work for public institutions and private companies.

iFactory Solution

Using the Node.js application development platform, iFactory built a comprehensive questionnaire application. A user management system was added so that particular users could be associated with multiple questionnaires and a questionnaire can have multiple users associated with it.

Questions can have additional information attached to them such as visual aids, reference information and links to other materials. Reports from the questionnaire can be exported in a variety of formats including PDF. Finally, an intuitive content management system made it easy for site administrators to add, update and share questions.

Services provided

Application Development
Content Management System
Digital Marketing
UX Design
Web Development