3D Modelling

3D models working seamlessly in a web browser through WebGL

With the advent of WebGL and HTML5, websites and digital applications are no longer restricted to two dimensions. Powerful, complex 3D applications are a reality now with interactive web 3D.

3D applications give you the freedom to view realistically detailed objects from any angle imaginable, and even see things otherwise impossible.

For example, imagine being able to interact with a complex DNA strand on a scientific information site, or visit a virtual shop where you can see clothes accurately modelled and change their sizing in real time.

To make interactive 3D work, designers create complex three-dimensional shapes in software like 3D Studio Max or Maya, and export them to a format that modern web browsers understand. It takes a lot longer than the creation of a flat 2D image, but the results can be spectacular and make your website stand out from the crowd.

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