iFactory design, develop and support  a comprehensive range of web applications. Our skilled Brisbane team will work with you to deliver an industry-leading solution.

Business Web Applications

Process Automation, B2B Applications, Web Apps & Web Application Development

Web Applications are business software that is accessed through your web browser. As they are web-based they are available to your staff, clients and suppliers across all locations and devices. Our experienced team can transform your complex business problems into user-friendly solutions with a custom web application. Custom web apps allow the automation of processes of business processes.

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ERP Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning, Apps & Integrations

An ERP System (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the automation of business processes and a system or record for all interactions. ERP applications are used by organisations to manage day-to-day business activities. ERP software offers real-time reporting and analytics with user configured dashboards to allow an organisation’s stakeholders an overview of key performance metrics.

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CRM Systems

Customer Relationship Management Systems, Apps & Integrations

A modern CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System gives you the freedom to manage your customers your way. With an industry-leading user interface you can quickly manage all your accounts, customer interactions and notes in one place. You will have clarity of your sales funnel on an informative dashboard, enabling conversion into leads, and closing opportunities. Track and store the data from all your customer interactions including job notes, products views, support tickets, email, sync with Gmail or Outlook, social media, online B2B and B2C stores, POS systems, email campaigns or even on a phone call. A great CRM gives your team complete clarity across potential clients engagement. iFactory works with a range of CRM Platforms to suite client needs.

Automate Your Business

Have iFactory create a business application for your organisation that works your way. We engage stakeholders and capture processes in your system.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile Application Development, Tablet Applications, Responsive Mobile Website

Mobile apps extend web functionality beyond your PC and into the user’s hand. They can be as simple as a mobile-friendly version of your website, or as complex as a user-directed product model with rich graphics and slick animation. All apps need to be written specifically for different mobile devices.

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SaaS Application Development

Software as a Service Applications & Cloud Apps

SaaS (or Software as a Service) applications are a great way to disrupt an industry by providing a new way of doing things. Alternatively it could be the next evolution of a software business by using cloud computing to deliver software direct to users via the web. SaaS is a business model whereby software is available online, typically for a monthly fee, and continually updated.

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Enterprise Dashboards

Single View of Real-time & Historical Information Across an Organisation

An Enterprise Dashboard is a powerful tool giving insight into your organisation. With drag-and-drop view creation you can build insightful analytics snapshots and track your KPI’s (key performance indicators). Gain the insight you need with comparison capabilities and advanced sorting and search options that simplify analysis allowing selection of only the necessary metrics. Set control access to performance data for teams, specific users or roles so only relevant data is displayed. Your dashboard can import information from hundreds of web services, ERP Systems, files & databases.

Change Your Industry

If you have a vision for how your sector could be changed with a Software as a Service application, iFactory can help develop your idea and deliver.

Build a Saas Application

Systems Integration

Business Systems Integration, EDI, On-Premises & Cloud Services

Systems integration, also know as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), allows communication between all the information systems in you organisation. Modern businesses have many sources of information and it can be challenging to keep all these sources synchronised. Lack of integration often results in manual entry of information into other systems that is both labour-intensive and error prone.

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API Development

Application Programming Interface Development

An API or Application Programming Interface is a way of allowing an application or service to communicate with other applications, platforms or services. An API can be open to the public, completely private or accessible to only approved users – all using it without having to know how its back-end is implemented. Most modern applications use APIs to allow the core of an application to communicate with a range of interfaces including mobile apps, desktop applications, websites or other web-services. iFactory offers full API development services including design, debugging, automated testing, publishing, monitoring & documentation.

3D Configure Price Quote | CPQ

Visualise & Sell Complex Products in 3D

CPQ (Configure, Price & Quote) applications allow B2B vendors to quote complex and configurable products. Customers can configure a product from any device and see it change in real-time with a realistic 3D model. By embedding your business’s product knowledge into a CPQ app you create a guided selling environment that reduces training requirements for your sales team.

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Show Your Clients in 3D

Seeing is believing. For highly customised and configured products a real-time 3D interactive model is a great sales tool.

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Learning Management System | LMS

eLearning Cloud Based Online Course Creation & Examination Apps

An eLearning application or LMS (Learning Management System) are online software tools for providing education & training courses. An LMS creates a comprehensive environment for delivering and monitoring training courses.
Basic eLearning Apps allow course creation, enrollment, fulfillment, administration and certification. More advanced learning solutions also provide course discussion, gamification and sharing on social media. An LMS can also incorporate bespoke tracking, reporting and systems integrations with other enterprise applications.

HR & WHS Applications

Human Resources Management, Induction & Training Applications, Workplace Health & Safety, OH&S

HR (Human Resources) Applications allow your organisation to take charge of managing your teams. Standard features include timesheeting, access to employee files, request for leave for approval, viewing payslips and updating of superannuation and bank details. They generally include document repositories for policies, procedures, contracts and even team photos. More advanced implementations facilitate new employee onboarding, WHS/OH&S induction and training. They can provide a process for performance reviews and compliance checklists to ensure you’re meeting your statutory employer obligations. We can deliver stand-alone HR apps or integrate them into an existing ERP System.

Charity, Fundraising & Donation Applications

Not For Profit & NGO, Online Fund Raising, Electronic Donations Platform

At iFactory, we have built many bespoke applications for charities and fundraising platform providers. We handle everything from a branded Content Management System to fully fledged business management platforms. Features include allowing both direct one-off donations to a cause or person and also regular giving campaigns. The system can allow users to create both individual and team fundraising pages with customised styling that is mobile optimised. We can incorporate FAQs and training videos to help you users help themselves and deliver a great product they feel good about supporting. We can also incorporate ticketing system to allow you to manage and support high user events. All of this can be integrated with social media platforms to drive engagement.

Integrate Your ERP

You have numerous enterprise systems that house your data. Make that data available to customers and staff via web services.

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