Our Way

Who we are

iFactory is where a team of highly experienced Brisbane-based digital designers, solutions architects, application developers & digital marketing specialists come together for one purpose – to provide intelligent digital solutions based on your business needs. Located in a converted factory and surrounded by some of Brisbane’s historical icons, in historic Bowen Hills, right in the middle of the Breakfast Creek Heritage Precinct.

Director Julian Drake founded the business in 2004 in the old Peters Ice Cream factory in West End. Trying to avoid having to come up with a name he pragmatically decided that as the business was to be an internet ideas & interactive factory, ‘iFactory’ should do just fine. In 2016 we purchased a dedicated building in Bowen Hills, doubling the studio size and allowing room for the next stage of the business.

iFactory is committed to delivering advanced web solutions that consolidate website design, ecommerce, digital marketing, application development and systems integration.

We have worked on a vast amount of projects and we always look forward to the next challenge. Contact iFactory today to find out how a sophisticated online presence can drive your business further.

Meet with us

After enquiring with iFactory we will want to go through your requirements. This generally entails the following stages:

  • Face to face meeting
  • Written proposal
  • Proposal feedback meeting if required
  • Proposal fine tuning
  • Proposal acceptance
  • Project initiation

Engage us

For flexibility, iFactory provides three methods of engaging with us.


When project requirements are well known and a specific budget has been assigned, then a fixed-price project quote is the way to go. Most projects also specify a contingency budget to allow for minor scope or schedule changes and are a later reflection on how a specific piece of work should be delivered. Our contingency fees are capped to help fix-price the quote for client’s accounting certainty.


When the scope of work is not finalised or is going to be undertaken over a long period of time, it can be best to engage iFactory with a retainer to provide predictability in monthly billing. We roll over any unused time so our clients can make later use of their investment. Retainers allow our client’s in-house managers to get work done, as once a retainer is approved a new block of hours is available each month without seeking further management approval.

Prepaid Hours

Often, a lot of work needs to be done but due to the large number of tasks and a flexible scope it’s difficult to price. iFactory offers PrePaid blocks of hourly service that receive discounts when purchased in large amounts. With Hourly blocks the client gets the certainty of knowing their maximum financial exposure, with a discount applied upfront and flexibility to evolve the project as it develops.


We are proud of our work and we enjoy the feedback from the digital community that awards provide.