iFactory design, develop, support & market sophisticated Ecommerce applications. Our skilled Brisbane team will work with you to deliver an effective online solution

Enterprise Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce Stores with Integration, Automation, Personalisation & Multi-Channel, Regions & Currency

The functionality expectations for enterprise Ecommerce is constantly growing. What platform do you choose? What functions are important? And how does it integrate with your existing systems?

iFactory works with your business to research and identify the right platform for the purpose. We work through a range of considerations including: Design & UX, product structuring, content management, promotions, payments, marketing campaigns and automation, integrations, search engines, data importation, multi-channel, conversational Ecommerce and server load.

Magento Design & Development

Enterprise Ecommerce Features for SME'S with Magento

Magento has emerged over the last decade as one of the most accessible Ecommerce platforms due to its super user friendly back-end and powerful functionality. It’s open-source (that means free!), SEO-friendly and offers great scalability, which is perfect for small and medium sized businesses, especially those who require enterprise-level Ecommerce features.

Magento offers a Community Edition or a paid Enterprise-edition option. We have delivered sophisticated, integrated, Ecommerce platforms for complex B2C retailers and B2B retailers with Community Edition. The Commerce Edition is suited for large companies requiring platform support and specific enterprise features. It’s highly customisable and has a large range of modules and integrations provided by third parties that extend the system for minimal cost. iFactory can work with your to structure a Magento solution for your business, no matter the size.

Ecommerce, Accounting & ERP Integration

Integrate Sales, Inventory, Contacts & More

Integrating your Ecommerce platform with an accounting or ERP system has never been more appealing. It gives you the ability to keep track of your sales and stock without having to manage multiple databases at once. iFactory can work with you to tailor an integration strategy that brings the right amount of information, at the right time, across to your accounting or ERP system.

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Many Systems, One Shop

Performing online now requires many systems across operations, management & marketing. iFactory can help make them work well together.

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Multi-Language, Region & Currency

Cater Online Sales to International Customers with Localisation & Personalisation

For global brands, ecommerce sales don’t stop at the border. To serve international audiences online, business websites are localised using multi-language and multi-currency functionality.

The definition of localisation is to modify the website to suit the needs of a customer from certain countries, cultures or regions. Online sellers can also cater to their international audience using personalisation by creating design, content, functions and pricing that better suits the region. It improves the user experience, increases sales and establishes your brand internationally with a local feel. Adopting this strategy makes sense when your audience can browse your products or services in their native language and currency, it’s easier to understand your offering and secure a conversion.

Multi-shop Ecommerce

Multiple Stores for Brands, Products & Affiliates

If you’re selling products across multiple brands online you will understand the challenge of maintaining several Ecommerce platforms. It’s clunky at best! Moving to a multi-shop Ecommerce platform might be for you. It allows you to consolidate your development into one platform. Just think: a single admin with multiple storefronts – total heaven!

Our talented team of Brisbane website developers can build a uniquely designed shopfront for standalone brands but allow for centralisation of product and customer data. Stores can be developed to be product category-specific, geolocation-based or for affiliate marketing partners. Store-specific pricing, discounts and promotions can be deployed too. We can also integrate your digital marketing campaigns so you can get as much value out of your customer data. To make it even simpler for your business admins to use, we can create custom functionality and integrations for customer service, inventory and accounting. Pick up the phone or send us a quick message to talk about moving to a multi-shop Ecommerce platform.

Complex Freight, Warehousing & Fulfilment

Order Fulfilment, End-to-End Ecommerce Supply Chain

Running a large-scale business that has multi-faceted storage and fulfilment concerns can be a monumental task. Thankfully, iFactory works with clients in this position. Our application developments can work with intelligent shipping platforms, or include sophisticated freight service functionality that offers the best freight vendors for your shopper’s basket. We can also develop workflow systems to automate your in-house fulfilment. If that wasn’t enough, iFactory can also integrate your shop with end-to-end Ecommerce order fulfilment solution providers including large multi-channel marketplaces. Additionally, we can integrate the APIs required to successfully connect your store with a third-party logistics company to handle outsourcing of packaging and storage. ‎The short version is that no business is too large for us to wrangle into shape.

Many Brands, One Shop

You have many online brands and you need a very sophisticated Ecommerce platform. Talk to iFactory about creating one shop to rule them all.

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Wholesale Ecommerce Platforms

B2B Wholesaler Ecommerce Portals

The B2B Ecommerce sector generates significantly larger volumes than the B2C sector. A powerful wholesale Ecommerce platform can automate your transactions with distributors and retailers, while delivering the flexibility typically required in B2B. iFactory can develop sophisticated wholesale Ecommerce platforms to provide your customers with the self-service buying experience they have come to expect from B2C Ecommerce platforms.

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Multi-channel Ecommerce

Integrate Ecommerce with Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, Instagram & More

Many customers start their shopping journey at marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Gumtree. With customers using an ever-increasing number of digital platforms, your online store needs to act as a multi-channel publishing platform.  This will allow you to sell one product across multiple store fronts at the same time – cool right?!  Talk to iFactory about a multi-channel Ecommerce platform.

Conversational Ecommerce


Conversational Ecommerce follows the tailored one-to-one communication that was offered in bricks and mortar stores. Messaging services such as WhatsApp and Messenger are just a few of the platforms that have bought this way of communicating with brands to life, with customers seeking to engage in direct conversation. By integrating your store with messaging apps, you’ll get the benefits of traditional store service while retaining the 24/7 immediacy, transaction history and analytics that comes with Ecommerce.

We’ll work with you to establish the best messaging strategy for your Ecommerce store, whether it’s utilising a Chatbot, a real person or a combination of both.

3D Commerce Online

Mass customisation and customers visual expectations are growing rapidly. Collaborate with iFactory on an interactive 3D platform for your business.

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Analytics & Reporting

Understand Customer Journey & Store Performance

As Ecommerce sites grow in size and user experience sophistication, understanding how to improve becomes a challenging task that can feel too big to handle. However, Help is at hand with our advanced analytics & reporting tools. Whether it’s by making greater use of analytics to better present your user data, investigating your business model to find possible improvements or using other Ecommerce tools that provide product analytics by analysing performance across products, categories & segments. Or, it could be implementing tools to allow you to ‘replay’ your user’s journey across your site to better understand their user experience. iFactory can also build custom reports that imports data from different platforms and present it in a way that makes sense to your organisation. Talk to iFactory on how to improve client retention with data-driven behavioural insights.

Payment Gateways

Accept Credit Card Payments Online & Offline

A payment gateway is a web service that enables the merchant to accept payments for good and services online. Payment gateway products are offered by both banks and specialist providers. The work by authorising the credit card or direct payments processing for Ecommerce stores and traditional retailers. Some gateway’s even provide a lay-by style services that even allow the fulfilment of the purchase before funds have been received by the merchant or gateway.

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