3D Configure Price Quote | CPQ

Visualise & Sell Complex Products in 3D

CPQ (Configure, Price & Quote) applications allow B2B vendors to quote complex and configurable products. Customers can configure a product from any device and see it change in real-time with a realistic 3D model. By embedding your business’s product knowledge into a CPQ app you create a guided selling environment that reduces training requirements for your sales team.

CPQ Benefits include:

  • Automate & streamline your sales process
  • Customers can visualise and interact with the configured product in real-time
  • Allow customers to visually explore the competitive differences of your products with interactive help
  • Quoting and pricing management
  • Increase cross-selling and up-selling
  • Ensure every online order is accurate and validated
  • Reduce time to quote, allowing your sales team to service more customers
  • Ensure quotes include all items necessary to meet customer requirements
  • Enable sales team to quote complex solutions without presales technical support
  • Pricing rules for volume discounts, geography or season
  • Multiple sales channels allow pricing workflows for partners, re-sellers & distributors
  • Push and pull data from ERP, CRM & CAD systems
  • Read & write to databases, web services, send emails and integrate via a REST API
  • Publish the model to a PDF document for print or digital signing
  • Pre-configured models and option sets to simplify the number of steps to quote
  • Remove product knowledge from spreadsheets, code and drawings into an easy accessible system