Business Web Applications

Process Automation, B2B Applications, Web Apps & Web Application Development

Web Applications are a type of business software that is accessed through your web browser. As they are web-based they are available to your staff, clients and suppliers across all locations and devices.

Our experienced team can transform your complex business problems into user-friendly solutions with a custom web application. Custom web apps allow the automation of business processes and integrations with other services, which can drastically reduce a user’s manual input. Your application can be integrated with ERP, CRM, Accounting, public & private API’s, Ecommerce and back-office internal systems. With sophisticated permissions for users and groups, you can control access to different user interfaces and even features within a specific interface.

Our feature-rich apps provide an immersive user-experience that can be tailored to different users. Security is vital for public facing applications and iFactory use the latest encryption technologies and coding practices. You can also stage development of the app into different modules to allow your web app to grow along with your business.

Business web applications are often tasked with vital work, so ensuring they are performant is important. iFactory can build automated testing to monitor your application’s state and we can utilise continuous integration to ensure your application updates are seamless.

Our Web applications can process large amounts of data as they are built to scale as your traffic grows. Whether you have a definitive solution in mind or you wish to work with iFactory to develop an innovative solution to your business challenges, we would love to hear about your app.