We are always looking for talented, exciting & energised people!

iFactory want brilliant individuals who meet the requirements of our full-service digital agency roles. We want hard working and passionate people who have a solid understanding of the responsibility of working in a digital agency environment. If you have experience working with varied client projects and the multi-tasking, innovation and teamwork that go along with that then we are interested in what you can offer iFactory and our growing list of clients.

A Digital Designer will have solid experience working on multimedia and graphics projects for a number of clients across many industries. They will be able to plan, create, execute and edit concepts and layouts for their digital projects. An ability to work autonomously as well as collaboratively with other digital agency roles is imperative. A substantial and innovative portfolio of completed design work is also highly valued. 

It is a position based on having knowledge of a variety of web development languages; HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. They can interpret graphic, visual or interaction designs to create visually appealing web pages or interfaces. A Front-End Developer will conduct user testing to review designs, assess compliance and usability for cross-platform and cross-device browsing. They will also create, edit and modify templates for CMS or web development framework.

A Web Developer must have solid experience in all aspects of creating a website and be able to work both autonomously and in collaboration with other digital agency team members. They will have in-depth knowledge of HTTP protocol from a web server to a web browser. As well as this they will have extensive experience with information architecture, usability engineering, CMS, DNS, database administration, software engineering and SEO.

A Project Manager will have extensive experience overseeing client projects within a digital agency environment. They will liaise with clients to determine their objectives in obtaining the assistance of a web development agency. It is their job to determine how the marketing objectives are going to be achieved as well as what services are going to be engaged by the client. They also co-ordinate the delivery of the project brief by working with key stakeholders to ensure work is completed on time, on budget and to client specifications.

Our Digital Producer's direct the production of all digital projects using solid organisation and cross-discipline skills. A Digital Marketing Producer has strong graphic design skills, developer knowledge and programming experience to create engaging concepts that are based on solid marketing principles. They are able to co-ordinate projects from inception to launch.

Copy Writer's have the ability to create dynamic and engaging copy across multiple platforms for a variety of clients. A copywriter works closely with the design director and marketing team to produce topical web pages, persuasive EDM and influential Social Media posts. They have strong research skills and proficient self-editing.

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