Payment Gateways

Accept Credit Card Payments Online & Offline

A payment gateway is a web service that enables the merchant to accept payments for goods and services online – in other words, pay real money for your (sometimes virtual) goods. Payment gateway products are offered by both banks and specialist providers. They work by authorising the credit card or direct payments processing for Ecommerce stores and traditional retailers. Some gateways even provide lay-by style services that allow the fulfilment of the purchase before funds have been received by the merchant or gateway.

There are several different types of payment gateways:

  1. Hosted payment gateways – purchaser is directed to an external payment page
  2. Integrated payment gateways – payment details are collected within the Ecommerce site
  3. API payment gateways – transaction happens in the background by communication with the providers system
  4. Payment Portals & Virtual terminals – merchant logins to the provider system to enter the purchasers details
  5. Physical terminals – provider supplies a device for the merchant to use to process transactions.

iFactory has worked with a wide range of payment gateway providers including the major ones that you have already used. Talk to us about your Ecommerce transaction requirements.

Payment Gateways Providers


At eWay, The focus is on enabling credit card payments for your online business in an easy to use and secure system. It is fast and efficient as eWay operates as the middleman between a customer purchase and your bank.

eWay works in conjunction with over 180 shopping cart programs, 500 development partners and multiple Ecommerce tools to deliver increased sales and protection for you and your customers. They also provide businesses with tutorials, advice and support to ensure online stores can operate without issue which provides convenience and peace of mind for their customers.


Stripe established itself as the most powerful and flexible ‘developer first’ tool for subscription services, an on-demand marketplace, Ecommerce store, or crowdfunding platforms. Their initial focus was on Software as a Service providers with a more recent campaign to become a general purpose gateway.


It is the fastest, easiest and safest way to send money and pay online. It is a global Ecommerce payment platform that allows online payments, money transfers and merchant accounts to be set-up and made over the internet. Accounts are set up using a credit card and a bank account for security and transfer arrangements of which both are never revealed during transaction for added security.

PayPal also offers exclusive merchant and buyer protection guarantees to enhance the usability and convenience of the payment platform. It is easily integrated into online stores and works side by side with Ecommerce giant eBay to epitomise its superiority as an online payment gateway.


The Afterpay payment gateway allows shoppers to shop now, receive the items straight away and pay later in four simple automated payments every two weeks.


Square Payments allows you to accept every payment
quickly, easily and securely. It features:

  • APIs to accept payments directly on website
  • Prebuilt integrations for many platforms
  • Accept payments with digital invoices & phone orders with Virtual Terminal
  • Accept card payments in person with mobile or countertop readers
Zip Pay

Zip Pay allows shoppers to buy the things they love today and pay for them over time, interest free. It also has a Zip Money option for larger purchases.

Bank Payment Gateways


PayWay is Westpac bank’s simple & secure payment gateway. PayWay features:

  • A Westpac hosted payment page
  • An API version for software integration
  • A virtual terminal for manual processing

CommWeb is Commonwealth bank’s complete payment gateway solution. It offers fast & reliable payments with a seamless customer experience and features:

  • A Commonwealth hosted payment page
  • Integrated gateway using a full SDK
  • International payments
  • Stored-value online wallets

NAB bank’s Transact is a complete solution that allows you to process online, phone and mail order payments. It features:

  • A NAB hosted payment page
  • API to Integrate with your website
  • Security token for an added layer of protection
  • Accept payments from countries in their local currency

ANZ offers its Secure Gateway and eGate products. They feature:

  • Recurring and scheduled payments
  • ANZ hosted payment page
  • Integrate with Google Pay™ and Apple Pay
  • API integration options
  • A secure portal for phone orders
  • Payment tokenisation allowing merchants to-charge a credit card without re-entering card details

Suncorp Bank’s Shopping Cart payment solution authorises payments in real-time from your business’ website.