12 Truly Incredible Social Media Statistics

There’s no denying it or any real way to ignore it these days, thanks to all the forms you can get in; PCs, tablets and smart phones (and it’s not drugs, despite all the forms it comes in) – it’s social media. It is an unshakable force in our lives accounted for by 91% of online adults using social media on a daily basis.

With the territory comes every expert opinion, social media statistic and infographic known to man (up to this point at least) where some appear as flighty off-the-cuff comments while others are set in more factual stone. The reason why social media statistics encourage such controversy is due to the unfathomable numbers which accompany the data. iFactory would like to break down the 12 truly incredible social media statistics into bite-sized pieces – with help and thanks to Brandwatch.

*A trip to Brandwatch online is worth it just for the live Social Media ticker app.

Each Day in Social Media Statistics: 

3.2 billion Interactions on Facebook 

To put into perspective it would be the same as if every single overweight person in the world made one comment and opted to like a status just once.

1.3 billion Smart Phone app downloads (Apple and Android combined)

To get your mind around this it would take every citizen of China to download the facebook app or the total number of Gangnam Style youtube views would also suffice – whichever one takes your hypothetical fancy.

500 thousand new Android phone are registered 

This statistic far outweighs the number of new humans being born every day. It also meets the number of people who turned out to thank the London Olympic volunteers on January 1st.

270 million hours of TV watched in the United Kingdom 

Eighty times the full length, including stoppages and adverts, of every NFL game ever played. Enough to cool the fervour of any sport fanatic.

$75 million spent on new TVs in the US 

This figure could buy you a mall in African nation Burundi or an entire major league baseball team’s annual salaries.

16 billion texts sent 

This can be likened to each of the cells in an average human’s cerebral cortex, the part of the brain used to generate thought. I’ll refrain from making a link between thinking and ‘txt msg’n’.

2 million blog posts are published 

For linguists that eclipses our entire vernacular by two fold or the same number of iPhone 5s sold in China on its release weekend.

500 million+ tweets are…tweeted 

More 140 imitation meanderings than there are books in the world.

300 million photos on Facebook 

More photos (being clear not to write photographs, which denotes some form of artistic integrity) are posted/shared/published than newspapers created and published each day.

5 million images uploaded to Instagram 

This outweighs the number of informative pages Wikipedia has to offer.

300 billion emails are sent 

That is equal to 20 emails sent whilst every cigarette in the world is being smoked. Gross – but hey the numbers balance.

10 million minutes of Skype Calls 

The time it takes for a leaf to reach the ground when it drops from the canopy of a Rainforest.

2 billion Google searches 

There are also this many YouTube videos watched each day.


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