3 simple SEO hacks for your WordPress site

Plenty of time and energy goes into creating a sleek, fully functional WordPress site. Here are 3 simple SEO hacks for your WordPress site.

Plenty of time and energy goes into creating a sleek, fully functional WordPress site. Once your site is up and running, the temptation is often to ‘set and forget’ as your focus is inevitably drawn to the next task.

To maintain an effective online presence, your WordPress website design should incorporate solid SEO foundations. But in today’s hyper-competitive online environment, this is no longer enough.

Thankfully there are plenty of tactics you can use to increase your chances of being found by potential customers and clients and in most cases, you won’t need a specialised WordPress developer to guide you.

Here are 3 simple SEO hacks for your WordPress site:

1. Fix broken links

This refers to both inbound links pointing to your site, as well as internally linked pages within the site and outbound links to other sites. Running a link check with specialised tools (try Moz or SEMRush) can help expose those broken links that once pointed to your site, but are now faulty. Often all it takes is a quick email or call to the owner of the site to point out the error and you immediately gain a stronger link profile from Google. Maintaining a tidy internal link profile shows search engines that the site is well managed and user-friendly for your visitors.

2. Banish duplicate content

A simple way to manage duplicate content, especially if you run a WordPress ecommerce site, is to install a plugin that manages ‘rel=canonical’ tags. Basically, this tag shows Google the primary source of this content and tells the search engine robots to ignore duplications across the site, which may occur on category or product pages. Try the All In One SEO pack or WordPress SEO to get started.

3. Create content from customer enquiries

Search engines love fresh, relevant and authoritative content. Your customers/clients are an endless source of inspiration for creating optimal content for SEO. Scour your email inbox, CRM database, social media pages and even interview frontline staff to tease out the common pain points for customers and gear your web content specifically toward solving these problems.

You can implement these SEO tactics on your WordPress site to help grow your traffic from search engines without needing too much technical expertise.

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