5 Top Tips For Using Google Ads

Here are five expert tips for launching a successful AdWords campaign as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords‎, provide an effective way of driving traffic to your website. But, how do you convert this traffic into loyal custom? Here are five expert tips for launching a successful Google Ads campaign as part of your digital marketing strategy.

1. Be relevant, useful and insightful

If a visitor’s search leads, via Google Ads, to one of your web pages, don’t be a disappointment. The landing page should be relevant, useful and insightful. The first step in the conversion of a visitor to a customer is the gaining of trust.

2. Record quality scores

A quality score indicates how well – or not – a keyword is performing. If any of your keywords are stuck on low scores, then make an effort to raise them. This involves increasing the relevance of both your ad copy and your landing pages.

3. Trial a variety of ads

In today’s fast-paced environment, digital marketing can’t rest, not even for a moment. Even if your ads are performing moderately well, don’t stop experimenting. With enough trials, you might stumble on one that explodes. Be sure to vary your ads significantly: for example, if a straightforward statement of your services doesn’t work, try playing on a problem your service is designed to solve or making an offer that sounds irresistible.

4. Spend money on high-performing keywords

Finding keywords that reliably drive traffic to your website are half the battle in any digital marketing campaign involving Google Ads. Once you locate them, don’t be afraid to spend a good chunk of your budget.

5. Take advantage of negative keywords

Using negative keywords is one of the quickest, easiest ways to avoid irrelevant traffic – traffic that’s going to waste your money, without building up your business. This tool has the potential to save you loads of hassle and expense.

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