8 Google apps you probably didn’t know existed

The biggest technological trend of the decade so far has to be mobile applications, better known as apps, which is why application development has become one of the primary concerns for Google. In addition to owning the Google Play app store, they also design and launch their own Google apps. You’ll probably be familiar with their most popular apps, such as Google Maps, YouTube, Google+ and Gmail, but you might not know that there are many more available, which cover an amazing range of functions.

Here are our top eight Google apps that you’ve probably been missing out on:

1. Sound Search for Google Play

Sound Search is Google’s answer to Shazam, available exclusively for Android devices. It enables you to discover new music by tagging tunes you hear and then offers you the chance to purchase your new favourite song on Google Play.

2. Google Gesture Search

Google are always looking for ways to make search easier and tailor it to the user’s personal preferences. Gesture Search allows you to search your device (for apps, contacts, bookmarks etc.) by drawing numbers and letters on the screen.

3. Google Authenticator

If security is a priority, download Google Authenticator to protect your device and services from being hijacked. The app generates 2-step verification codes that must be entered at login in addition to the username and password.

4. Ingress

Ingress uses GPS to create an innovative mobile gaming experience. You can create portals in public places, including famous landmarks, blurring the line between virtual reality and the physical world.

5. Field Trip

Field Trip prevents you from missing out on cool hidden gems, whether you’re out in your local city or travelling the world. It runs in the background and recommendations pop up whenever you’re near a place of note.

6. Google Classroom

School teachers with a Google Apps for Education account can download Google Classroom, where they can share and discuss assignments with their classes, bringing education very much into the 21st century.

7. Primer

Anyone running a startup needs to download Primer, an app filled with marketing tips and tricks direct from the Google team. It uses quizzes and case studies to make learning about marketing more entertaining.

8. Photo Sphere Camera

This app is a way for travellers to take amazing photos on their iOS device, and share them on Google Maps. Photo options include 360-degree images and high-res panoramas.

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