AVE Bikes website a winner with CSSREEL

In January 2018, CSSREEL announced that they had chosen iFactory as the “Winner of the Day” for their work on the AVE Bikes website.

One of Brisbane’s oldest, independent digital and creative agencies, iFactory, has been recognised for their outstanding website design concepts. On January 23, 2018, CSSREEL announced that they had chosen iFactory as the “Winner of the Day” for their work on the AVE Bikes website.

CSSREEL is a popular place for designers and developers to exhibit their work to the design industry. They are committed to promoting good work when it is due, helping to raise the benchmark in design competency. Visitors to the revered website vote for their favourite designs and the winners are showcased.

About the AVE Bikes project

With traffic becoming a more frustrating problem in the CBD, people are looking for new methods of personal transport. Enter electric bicycles. These smart, eco-friendly bikes are geared for beginners, experienced pros and everyone in between as a worthwhile transport alternative. To help them launch online to a global market, the team behind AVE Bikes needed a website that demonstrated what their range could achieve. It also needed to cater to their two major audiences: Australia and Germany.

For iFactory designers and developers, the AVE Bikes website was no ordinary build. The mammoth Magento ecommerce website design required extensive pre-planning to solve as many technical issues before development commenced, saving us any headaches in the long run.

Magento 2 was the clear choice for iFactory to build the site in. The widely popular ecommerce platform currently hosts a wide range of powerful customisation options while maintaining industry-leading speed performance metrics to retain user engagement. Further, we created a custom-made bike frame colouring system where the user can immediately change the look of the bike by selecting their preferred colour.

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