Best online colour palette tools

There’s no denying the strong link between colours and emotions. The correct colour scheme can create the right mood and atmosphere, and in web design, has even been shown to improve conversion rates. So, if the right colours can help grow your business, it’s crucial to use the right ones.

Thankfully there are plenty of online colour palette tools to help you get the balance just right. Here are some of our top picks.

This highly successful web, iOS and Android app lets you generate infinite colour palettes for your designs. Every colour has a slider that lets you adjust the HSB, RGB and CMYK values, and you can save and export them in various file format.

This colour palette tool uses various colour models to combine adjacent colours and/or complementary colours to the main hue. The preview mode gives you an idea of the outlook.

Explore over three million user-created colour palettes to inspire your ideas. Create and share your favourite colour combinations and download as an image format. Here are iFactory’s favourite colour palettes.

Create colour schemes with the colour wheel or browse thousands of colour combinations from the Color CC community, formerly known as Adobe Kuler. Use it through Adobe desktop or through the mobile app. If you’re using the desktop version you can export a colour scheme straight into Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.


Generate a colour palette from PNG, JPG or GIF image/photo. Receive colour suggestions and download Photoshop swatches.

Choose up to five colours and press enter to effortlessly search through inspiration by colour, be it website, architecture, illustration or typography, and then save your favourites for later.

If you’d like to learn more about colour in web design, earlier this year we wrote a three-part blog series on the topic, which covers:

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