Can I build my own Magento ecommerce site?

So, how does the latest version of Magento differ from its predecessors?

In the past, it’s been relatively easy for some users to built their own Magento website from scratch. However, this isn’t always a good thing. Making the website building process too simple means that companies who try to create their own sites end up with a final result which isn’t sophisticated, has poor page speed, not search engine optimised or easy to use for customers.

However, the latest version of Magento differs in that it’s designed to be used by experts working in collaboration with company owners to create a website which meets their vision and expectations. This means that it’s best to hire a specialised Magento developer, rather than trying to build your own Magento Commerce site yourself.

So, how does the latest version of Magento differ from its predecessors?

With Magento Commerce, you’ll have the option to incorporate seamless third-party integrations that will ensure your site really stands out. Whether you own a small, medium or larger enterprise business, a Magento ecommerce website will bring your vision to life through endless customisation options and unique web design tools.

There are so many reasons to choose Magento for the development of your ecommerce site. Research has proven that companies who begin using Magento’s services often see their sales rise, often on a scale of 3X growth. A Magento developer will help you to understand which aspects of your site are difficult for customers to use and act upon this to increase sales.

Magento works by using insights from smart data collection to revolutionise your business. Through the business intelligence that Magento affords you, you’ll be able to make decisions that are based upon key statistics. For example, Magneto Commerce will help you recognise your top customers, best-selling products and most effective promotions, so you can seize the best opportunities for success and growth.

One of the biggest factors that affect whether or not a potential customer will stay on your site is the speed at which they’re able to find and purchase the product or service they require. If your site is slowed down by traffic, you’ll find that you’re just not making those conversions because customers will be getting too frustrated. Magento Commerce handles a large number of customers through a simple solution – cloud hosting. By putting your site in the hands of the experts, you can rest assured your ecommerce website won’t suffer any downtime when you’re not monitoring it, so your customers can enjoy a lightning fast service all day.

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