Case Study: Coevolve Website

Coevolve are a team of highly committed experts who have spent decades helping multinational corporations improve the performance of their global networks.

About the client

Coevolve are a team of highly committed experts who have spent decades helping multinational corporations improve the performance of their global networks. While they have vast technical and commercial experience at improving these networks, they understand it is a means to an end. What really matters is improving the delivery of critical business applications across that network to the end users: delivering a seamless user experience whether they’re in their base office, home office, travelling or visiting a remote office in an emerging market.

Client Objective

Our international client, Coevolve, required a custom-designed corporate website to target a highly niche market of IT support managers of multinational corporations looking to embrace disruptive technologies and practices to streamline global operations. In addition to having a high level of industry knowledge, the client’s global audience included those in remote sites, sometimes in developing countries with limited connectivity. iFactory’s design choices therefore centred on responsiveness, caching methods, and as a point of difference to this client’s competitors, many of which have congested and text-heavy home pages, the design incorporated full-screen imagery with interactive CSS animations.

iFactory Solution

To demonstrate the client’s commitment to embracing new technologies and to respond to the need for access on-the-go, iFactory designed a responsive Joomla content managed website with custom layouts for a range of screen sizes. The challenge was in mirroring the CSS transitions and “sticky” menu on desktop to that on tablet and smartphone. For individual screen sizes, iFactory custom-designed unique CSS outcomes to allow for scaled display. Another challenge was in designing for quick response time for users with limited connectivity. iFactory therefore focused on applying proven caching methods and reduced file sizes.

The visual approach taken by iFactory on this project is important where, as a point of difference to the client’s competitors, the site uses full-screen imagery and custom-built CSS animation. In keeping with the client’s branding, these images are colour-overlayed and sharpness adjusted so as to subtly complement the content. The CSS animation, including colour and layout changes, is also subtle bringing movement and life to this modern corporate website. Overall, iFactory’s design approach resulted in a responsive and accessible website that marries the expectations and needs of a niche target audience with client’s brand theme of adopting modern and accessible web technology.

Awards:            Interactive Media Awards Best in Class (Consulting), 2014

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