Case Study: Vita Enterprise Solutions

Vita Enterprise Solutions, part of Vita Group, is one of Australia’s leading providers of technology, communications and electronics.

About the Client

Vita Enterprise Solutions, part of Vita Group, is one of Australia’s leading providers of technology, communications and electronics. They specialise in offering tailored ICT solutions for small to medium-sized businesses, including advice and delivery of cloud hosting, unified communications, and mobile and business landline connectivity, all of which is supported by the latest in hardware and support services.

Client Objective

To target medium to large sized businesses, particularly those with complex ICT needs, Vita Enterprise Solutions required a modern, professional and integrated web presence to manage communication, promote their brand and drive enquiry. Separate to the overarching Vita Enterprise Solutions website, the client required a web presence for each of their growing number of Telstra Business Centres where content and promotions could be managed remotely. Falling under the Telstra umbrella an with strong and established brand, the Telstra Business Centre sites needed to adhere to strict style and design guidelines and integrate with existing third party software.

iFactory Solution

Using the powerful and adaptable open-source Content Management System Drupal, iFactory designed a solution that incorporates a master site with sixteen one-page microsites, all of which is managed in a single back-end with the ability to create additional microsites as the business expands into the future. The master site for Vita Enterprise Solutions communicates its services through the use of people-focused imagery, infographics, interactive slide banners and social proof that includes partner logos and client testimonials.

As for the Telstra Business Centres, this is a separate business capability to Vita Enterprise Solutions and as such the sixteen microsites have a completely different purpose, look and feel, and conforms to Telstra’s strict branding guidelines. The one-page microsite solution enables oversight from Vita Enterprise Solutions and provides each Telstra Business Centre the capability to manage their own content and promote regional deals through the use of controlled user permissions. Additionally, the enquiry forms featured throughout the entire suite of sites integrate with SalesForce. Overall, iFactory’s solution reduces unnecessary duplication in content and streamlines business operations.

Key website features included:

  • Drupal as Content Management System (CMS)
  • 16+ one-page microsites
  • Digital Strategy
  • Responsive web design
  • SalesForce integration
  • Landing Pages to feature seasonal promotions
  • Social Media interaction through “ShareThis”
  • Google Analytics


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