Case Study: Yees Fiji

About the Client

Yees Fiji, based in Fiji, started as a small family business in the basement of a doctor’s surgery, quickly became Fiji’s most trusted food, beverage and retail distributor. They are exclusive Fiji distributors for many world-renowned food and wine brands and boast the biggest range of perishable food products in Fiji. Yees Fiji has the capability and flexibility to ensure a reliable supply of the freshest and tastiest products in the country, working with a long list of industries including supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and major corporations. They position themselves as brand builders, helping make their products number one in Fiji.

Client Objective

Since their inception, Yees Fiji had built their business on word-of-mouth and good business. They were looking to expand their international export presence and needed a high-end website to reflect their well-oiled operation. The new website needed to strike a healthy balance between their own brand and the brands they represent in Fiji, which they strive to make a number one selling product. To succeed in this goal the new website needed to deliver ecommerce solutions in a professional and modern manner.

iFactory Solution

Diluting the Yees Fiji brand was our clients biggest concern. It was clear, that creating a strong brand identity was the biggest priority. Through strategic design and copywriting, we positioned Yees Fiji as brand builders in the distribution market, showcasing their agility and logistical strength of their business, drawing focus on their core areas of business. We worked with Yees Fiji to develop a tone of voice that reflected their personalised approach to partnering with the largest brands in the world.

By implementing a strong technical SEO and backlinking strategy, the Yees Fiji website was optimised to ensure high rankings for their desired keywords. Their strong position in search is further bolstered with a fast loading, user-friendly website.

Stage two of this website will see us build a comprehensive ecommerce platform for easy ordering of wholesale food and beverages.


  • WordPress as Content Management System (CMS)
  • Digital Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Copywriting
  • Google Analytics
  • Ecommerce

Completed:       March 2018

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Case Study: Yees Fiji

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