Email: a more valuable tool than internet and social media

What’s the one tool that is absolutely essential to get your job done? A report by the Pew Research Center has shown that email trumps the rest as the most important tool in the online workplace. Overall, email ranked even higher than the internet.

What do they mean by “online worker”?

You may assume an online worker means someone whose job is solely in the digital realm, such as in ecommerce or web development. However, the study defined an “online workplace” as any setting where workers have online access. This could be a plumber getting bookings via a landline phone, or a caterer taking orders via email. In other words, the study gives a general sample of the modern workplace with all its various occupations. The survey also separated workers into the categories of Office-Based and Non-Office-Based for a deeper analysis.

It also found that more and more corporate environments are turning to workplace social media platforms. Perhaps it’s an ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ kind of mentality. Traditional social media networking sites like Twitter and LinkedIn only just made the board in the study, with 4% of those surveyed saying they were “very important” to their job.

Other interesting finds of the report:

  • The next most important tool for online workers was unsurprisingly the internet. 54% of all workers considered the internet to be very important, compared to 61% for email
  • Landline and mobile phones were next on the list, coming in with 35% and 24% of the votes respectively
  • 78% of office workers rated emails as very important, compared to just 25% of non-office workers
  • For workers who do not report to an office, landlines and mobile phones were ranked as more important than email
  • The internet was ranked as very important by 68% of office workers, compared to 26% of non-office workers
  • The majority of employers are blocking access to certain sites, and increasingly have rules about what employees are allowed to post online

How can this information be utilised?

Given that so many people are reading, revising and replying to their emails during work hours, we have evidence that email marketing campaigns are an effective form of advertising. An individual’s use of technology speaks volumes. Head on over to The Pew Research Center for the full report.

Understanding the technology that different types of workers use brings marketers closer to an understanding their target demographics. Contact iFactory to discuss how an email marketing campaign could work for you.

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