FileMaker Pro – review round-up

What is FileMaker?

FileMaker Pro allows users to build custom apps. It’s been around for 30 years, yet is still one of the most successful app development tools on the market. It’s now a subsidiary of Apple, but is compatible with Microsoft platforms. Recent FileMaker developments have increased the popularity of the tool. FileMaker has also become increasingly popular as interest in app development and customisation grows. FileMaker even has a software version for smartphones, allowing users to build custom apps with FileMaker Go.

FileMaker Pro: layout design

The latest changes in FileMaker Pro have improved layout design. Now, it is easier than ever to create easy-to-use and attractive layouts for your app users, no matter what platform they’re using. They’ve added a new part for navigation layouts, so you have greater flexibility with where and how you place your navigation.

FileMaker Pro: integration

The process of capturing, managing and presenting dynamic and attractive data continues to become increasingly complex. Users need accessible yet powerful tools to use on any or all of their platforms. This version of FileMaker Pro allows users to take advantage of integrated database management. Users can work from their tablet, smartphone, Mac or PC in this version.

The integration features don’t stop here. FileMaker Pro also has software integration features with many other applications, including live two-way connections with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL data sources.

For many businesses, integration with accounting software such as Xero and other cloud-based applications has eliminated the risk of having to do double data entry work.

Should I get FileMaker Pro?

According to FileMaker’s 2016 State of the Custom App Report, 74% of teams who use a custom app report an increase in productivity. 81% found that using custom apps reduced inefficient tasks.

The survey was an international undertaking, and included over 500 respondents – some from Australia. The good thing about the latest versions of FileMaker is that they are also quick and easy to use, with more than half of the respondents saying their app had taken less than three months to complete.

“Teams are seeing great results with custom apps that they build themselves. Custom apps are quick and easy to build and deploy, and the potential cost-savings is huge,” said Ann Monroe, Senior Director of Marketing at FileMaker Inc.

FileMaker – still needs work?

FileMaker is sometimes spurned by developers, as it is designed primarily with the end-user in mind. FileMaker Pro has a purpose, and that purpose is to make easy work of incredibly complex app development. While it does this well (or even extremely well), it makes for some difficulties for those developers who want more control over the back-end.

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