Google can help you monitor your online reputation

Did you know negative reviews are often posted on high ranking websites? Even if reviews are outrageous or false, the reality is that anyone doing a search on your company name will probably see them and be influenced by them.

With the internet moving at such a rapid pace, it’s crucial to monitor your company’s online reputation. Without a plan to manage your online reputation, it won’t take long for bad reviews to start affecting your bottom line, press coverage and hiring ability.

In this article, we take a look at some of the common platforms where customers leave feedback, and how you can effectively monitor your image online.

Common platforms where customers leave feedback

Many people are uncomfortable making direct complaints. Here are some of the most common places you’re likely to find feedback about your brand:

  • Complaints using social media. Increasingly, platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are being viewed as the perfect vehicles for customers to escalate complaints. So it’s imperative to monitor your company’s social platforms thoroughly and respond quickly and appropriately.
  • Review websites. If you’re in retail or online sales, it’s a good idea to also monitor product review sites too.
  • Personal (third-party) blogs. This can be anything from an ex-employee’s personal blog entry to a professional third-party website that has commented on your business or product.

Here’s what you can do

Google has a free tool that makes it easy to monitor your company’s online reputation. Google Alerts is a hidden gem of a tool that sends you email notifications when there’s a new result on a topic that interests you; in this case, your company.

All you have to do is visit Google Alerts ( and enter your email, your company name and an alert frequency. Like most sign-ups, you’ll be sent an email to “Confirm your email”. You can set up multiple alerts by repeating this process as many times as you like.

In addition to setting an alert for your company name, it makes good sense to track your products too. That way you’ll be able to find out how many bloggers are writing about your products.

Let iFactory manage your brand online

It’s important to be proactive in managing your company’s online reputation. That said, if your time would be better spent running and developing the business, why not engage a digital agency to monitor your online reputation as part of your online broader digital marketing strategy.

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