Great Christmas gift ideas for web designers

Christmas is fast approaching and there’s always somebody on your holiday shopping list that proves to be a bit of a challenge. If that person happens to be a web designer, your worry is over. We’ve pulled together a few gift ideas that any web designer would be happy to receive.

Browser sketch pad and website stencil kit

Every great website design starts the same way – with a quick sketch of an idea. This sketch pad places that roughed out design in the context of a browser window, making it even easier to show a new client what their site will look like. Add in the stencils and some of the most common logos and design elements can be easily added to the sketches.

Smart wall paint

Sometimes a sketch pad just isn’t a big enough canvas. This is where smart wall paint can come in handy. Offering a choice of whiteboard or magnetic finishes, this paint can transform any surface into an easy to clean space for large scale mind mapping. It’s perfect for website designers who want to let their creative juices flow without damaging the walls.

Sprout Powerbank Rapid

There’s nothing worse than being on the go and seeing you only have 1% left on your phone or tablet. For a web designer, this can be an absolute crisis, potentially meaning losing out on a job if they can’t show off their work to a new client. Save them from this horrible fate with the gift of this go-anywhere, super quick recharging smartphone unit. With a double USB input, they can even charge two devices at once!

Compact projector

Sometimes a web designer needs to show off what they do on a bigger scale. This is where a projector can come in handy. When it’s compact, portable and still offers a great image, it becomes the perfect gift. Of course, it doesn’t have to be all work. A compact projector is also a great way to watch your favourite videos with your mates.

Pantone Chip Drive

Every web designer has a passion for colour and Pantone offers plenty of bold accessories that are matched to just the right shade. Help them colour code their projects with a few of these colour chip drives. With plenty of storage, they can hold images and other important files, but each drive is small enough to carry around at all times. The bright colours available make them extra special too.

CSS shirt

Some web designers like geeking it up a bit, and this Cascading Style Sheet shirt is the perfect in-joke for your favourite designer. They’ll look great in their new shirt and love getting the knowing nods from their fellow web designers as they wear it around town.

If finding a web designer is on your Christmas list, get in touch with iFactory today to discuss your web design needs. From our Brisbane website design team, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season!

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