How to increase your shares on Facebook

Don’t we just love Facebook? Most of us cannot get enough of it. We love logging on and catching up with friends, brands, businesses and family every day. We cannot wait to go on our favourite groups and pages to check out what’s happening with our favourite actor, business, brand, musician or the news of the world.

Most people that use Facebook for business purposes will build fan pages where people can get information about their products or services. Visit our Facebook page to see what we mean. Some users even create fan pages based on their hobbies or TV shows they love, so they can connect with other like-minded people.

One problem that Facebook page owners often face is how to get the word out; how exactly do you get more likes and shares on your Facebook page? Well, here are a few basic tips to follow that should start increasing your number of shares:

  • Ensure the content on your Facebook page is engaging and on a topic that people are interested in (and is related to your page topic in some way). Whenever you post an update, ensure it stands out, so people will want to share it.
  • When sharing articles or blogs on your Facebook page, make sure the title is a killer that gets people to click it; most of us that use social media won’t be able to resist a killer title so there’s a better chance we’ll share it.
  • Often, people will not read the entire post, so keep the language simple to allow them to skim. If we read something within the text that resonates with how we feel, we will likely share the post. Our attention span online lasts around five seconds, use those five seconds to get us to click and share.
  • Include pictures where possible. Content that is pleasant to look at and creates a reaction within the user is more likely to be shared. Use video content where possible too; who doesn’t love a funny or emotive video?
  • Engage with fans; when fans leave comments on your page, make sure you get back to them. This will result in Facebook users sharing your page, blog, or website because they will feel as though you care about what they think and feel.

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