Periscope vs Meerkat

Right now two apps are battling for supremacy over live video streaming via social media. New mobile apps Periscope and Meerkat have emerged recently and both let you broadcast your surroundings live and share them on social right now!

How to get started

Both apps are accessed and used in much the same way. You download the app. Open it. Start a new stream by giving it a title or explaining what’s happening. Click “stream” and your mobile’s camera screen will appear and begin broadcasting. Voila, you’re live streaming!

The beauty of both Periscope and Meerkat is that they are integrated with Twitter. This means that when you begin streaming, an automatic tweet is sent out to all your followers. As people start to watch, you can see how many people are watching and even interact through live messaging. Watchers can even retweet your stream to their followers in real time.

To find a live stream right now, simply keep an eye out for tweets that read “LIVE on #Periscope” or “LIVE NOW #meerkat”. Otherwise, you could search for the term “Periscope” or “Meerkat” on Twitter, or use the in-app player.

Differences between Periscope and Meerkat

The only major difference between the two apps is the replay function. For Meerkat there are no reruns; the only option you get is to save to your phone when the stream is over. Periscope on the other hand offers a replay function that currently lasts 24 hours.

Periscope is available for download at the App Store, while Meerkat is available at both the App Store and via Google Play. Both apps are FREE, although it’s worth noting that both live streaming apps will quickly drain your data.

Who’s tipped to win?

This is new ground for us all, and yet, some commentators are already placing bets on Periscope. What is clear is that when Twitter launched Periscope on March 26th, the number of Meerkat live streams dropped dramatically on Twitter.

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