Responsive web design: mistakes to avoid

Why aren’t customers coming to your website and why aren’t you making sales? So, what went wrong?

You’ve got your exciting new business startup, you’ve set up your brilliant new web page, you’re sitting back and bracing yourself for the oncoming customer onslaught… and there’s nothing to hear but crickets chirping in the background. You scratch your head, stress, lose sleep over wondering what you’re doing wrong. Why aren’t customers coming to your site and why aren’t you making sales? You offer the best in quality services in your area – customers should be flocking to you in droves. So, what went wrong?

The answer most always lies in your website design. Having an appealing website is great – but essentially useless when potential clients are unable to access your site, navigate the pages, or become disinterested due to lengthy page loading times. Here are the top four mistakes you must avoid when setting up a website for your new business.

Having a confusing web layout

Your company website is your clients’ window into your services. What they see is associated with how they view your business. If you have confusing layouts, hard-to-navigate web pages, and over-the-top or excessive information or content, the client won’t waste their time attempting to understand it.

Having confusing information

55% of website viewers spend on average less than 15 seconds viewing your web page. Consider if you had only fifteen seconds to view your site – what information would you want to immediately see? What are you wanting viewers to know about your business in the first crucial seconds of viewing to ensure the optimal potential of the viewer becomes engaged and potentially a client of your services? Make it clear – and to the point.

Not considering your Call-To-Actions

CTAs? Who needs them? The answer is anyone that wants to make sales, gain clients and engage interaction with customers on the internet. If you leave out CTAs, you’re not creating the sense of urgency needed to push a viewer into signing up to your services.

Having a responsive desktop version – but a phone failure

Great! Your website is responsive and optimised for desktop versions. That’s fantastic news – but did you consider that the majority of customers use internet on their mobiles to find a local business? How many customers are you missing out on by not having a website optimised for both desktop and mobile versions? Consider reworking your site for the mobile version as well to gain more traffic.

Converting your website into having responsive web design to drive traffic and engage customers can be time-consuming but worthwhile. Make use of these tips today to ensure your website isn’t a complete crash on the net!

Contact the team at iFactory today for assistance in optimising your web page to its full potential – your business will thank you for it. Get responsive today.

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