Smart Phones to Influence the Five Senses

The evolution of technology has shaped our worlds in every way and the way we interact with it. Smart phones are one of the most life-changing additions to our technology-saturated lives and there is no sign of them relinquishing their power hold. In fairness they are amazing feats of engineering that have brought the world of the internet out of the PC and literally into our hands. The iPod, phone call and GPS functions are also well-received additions.

How our sense are affected

Thanks to the comprehensive nature of smart phones we are well engaged with the incredible screen resolutions for our sight, speaker quality sound for our hearing and touch screens to amuse our fingers. The smart phone has addressed three out of our 5 senses perhaps explaining why we are so enamoured by them. But thanks to a new creation by Japanese developer ChatPerf we have the option of enjoying delicious smells too.

Evolution of technology

A new app called Scentee allows iPhone users, who have a scent tank – a plastic addition to their phone dock, to receive a mist of smell-laden spray. The olfactory sense is an exceptionally strong one which evokes palpable emotion and triggers memories and it could be an amazing way to interact with our friends and loved ones on a completely new level. At the moment the creators are focussing on creating gunpowder scent to heighten a gamer’s experience. Whichever way you look at it, it is a pretty fabulous addition to the smart phone artillery.

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Watch the video of the app in action below. 

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