What is WebGL?

WebGL is a relatively unknown concept; a name that is new and a technology behind it that is innovative, exciting and interesting. WebGL (Web Graphics Library) is a new technology that allows hardware accelerated 3D graphics on the screen without having to install additional software. WebGL is basically a library of images that you can use to build interactive 3D graphics. In other words, you can have the fancy 3D graphics without having to install or use any additional plug-ins.

What can it do for businesses?

It can produce amazing results, as seen in a project for TJM that we undertook (and won an Outstanding Achievement in Website Development by the Interactive Media Awards™ for its work on the TJM Australia Website.). iFactory enhanced their ecommerce platform with the use of WebGL. TJM design and manufacture specialist parts for 4WDs, and with the use of WebGL, we were able to allow users to modify their vehicles in real-time.

Are there any limitations?

WebGL is an innovative technology that forward thinking companies are embracing, however, there are some limitations to WebGL that perhaps have stopped other companies from making the leap. At this stage, WebGL needs HTML5 to work and is not supported by all browsers and operating systems. Support for WebGL at present is available with Firefox 4+, Google Chrome 9+, Opera 12+, Safari 5.1+ and Internet Explorer 11+. The client’s GPU must also be compatible. This limitation might prevent smaller companies with limited budgets from investing in a relatively new technology. But let us tell you, it is worth the risk.

Making businesses stand apart from the rest

Using this technology sets your graphics apart from the rest. While only 10% of companies might be using WebGL, that 10% will have the most successful and memorable campaigns. To capture the customer, make an impression, and retain the customer takes good PR, good marketing and good engagement. Stepping outside of the box and into the WebGL circle might be the edge companies need.

WebGL can be used as a tool for many things. These include games, maps, support for 3D printing and real-time visualisation, as seen in the TJM 3D WebGL project. The benefits and possibilities far outweigh the limitations, and those limitations will only last so long. In fact, along with Internet Explorer 11, it is likely that more and more browsers and operating systems will get on board and become compatible with WebGL. As with all technology, the limitations WebGL have will only last so long. There will be developments and updates that will smooth out those details.

What iFactory can do to help your business

IFactory can help your business make an impact and stand out from the crowd. Imagine the possibilities. If you want innovation, creativity, engaging your customers and wowing them, then using WebGL is the way to go. Soon WebGL will be a name as familiar as Facebook, and you will be very happy you took a chance and discovered what iFactory and WebGL can do for you and your business.

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