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Case Study: African Plant & Equipment Corporate Identity & Responsive Website

A long way from home, iFactory was called on by Zambian based company African Plant & Equipment to create a new brand, supporting marketing materials and a corporate responsive website. We were more than happy to help out our international friends!  African Plant & Equipment are focused on providing Africa’s civil construction and mining industry with every type of heavy haulage and service vehicle available.

The newly launched company needed corporate branding to accompany a fresh website that would inform clients of their capabilities in a constantly changing market and newly emerging location. These elements would form the foundation of the company’s new corporate identity.

iFactory began the process with designing the new logo. The brand pays homage to the Zambian lands that are vital to the future of the company and Africa as a whole. The shapes represent the naturally forming rock shapes formed in the area and are supported by vivid colours that emulate the natural hues seen across the African plains.

iFactory also created print materials including business cards and advertising materials that carried the branding across the globe.

Working closely with African Plant & Equipment, iFactory then defined the goals of the responsive website. These include providing a comprehensive overview of the company’s earthmoving equipment rental, sales and service solutions, an easy way for prospective and existing clients to contact the company and a continually-updated news section.

Additionally, the content managed site was created with responsive technology in mind, so that it would look display effectively on any mobile, tablet or desktop screen.

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