Case Study: Clanwilliam Health

Case Study: Clanwilliam Health

About the Client

Clanwilliam Health provides the best quality care to residents requiring all levels of care within each aged care facility. This philosophy also extends to the family and friends of the residents placed within Clanwilliam Health facilities.

In response to Australia’s ageing population and in turn the increased need for aged care services, Clanwilliam Health plans to design, build and commission state-of-the-art, integrated health facilities for the future.

Client Objective

The goal of the site was as follows:

  1. To have a simple, structured enquiry and lead management process that can utilise marketing automation to reduce the level of dependence on Clanwilliam Health administration staff (particularly after hours).
  2. To develop a database, provide useful business resources and become a preferred placement option for Patient Flow Facilitators seeking aged care resident placements.
  3. To have a digital presence that offers localised content and information on each facility, helping to keep family members up to date with happenings in the resident community and offer peace of mind that their family member is receiving quality care. 
  4. To filter job applicants through pre-qualifying questionnaires upon position application.
  5. To utilise an online portal to achieve training and compliance duties, offering on-demand resources

iFactory Solution

iFactory have been engaged by Clanwilliam Health to develop a Functional Specification  & Application Design to provide the scope and planning required to develop  the new Clanwilliam Health Website and four Business Applications.

Clanwilliam Health required a suite of online applications to assist in the day to day management of business activities. These include following applications.

  1. Project Portal – A software system to allow effective management of Clanwilliam Health projects both digital and offline.
  2. Partner Portal – A social software system that builds organisational communities.
  3. HR Portal – A software system that allows for testing competencies and storing and assessing the generated results data.
  4. Media Centre – A repository of digital assets available for search and download by registered users.

Key project features included:

  • Logo refresh inc Corporate Style Guide
  • Stakeholder workshops to develop detailed user profiles and case studies and digital marketing workshop
  • Drupal as CMS
  • Advanced search functions 
  • Google Maps integration
  • Individual member login with customised dashboard, analytics and reporting
  • eNewsletter sign up
  • Professional copywriting
  • In-depth user training and ongoing support

On Thursday, April 21, 2016, iFactory was awarded Best in Class for excellence in the design, development and implementation of the Clanwilliam Health website ( To design a digital solution that is right for you, call iFactory on +61 7 3844 0577 or email

Completed:       January 2016
Awards:            Interactive Media Awards Best in Class (Healthcare), 2016

iFactory Wins Best in Class for Clanwilliam Health

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