Case Study: Mowjo eCommerce Website

Case Study: Mowjo ecommerce Website

About the Client

Mowjo® robotic lawn mowers give home owners a manicured lawn without needing to lift a finger. Mowjo® mowers consist of an electric mower with built-in batteries, sensors and a controller. Each mower operates within a boundary wire, laid around the edge of the lawn, which guides the mower until the entire lawn is complete. Mowjo® is easy to use, low in energy consumption and quiet to operate.

Client Objective

iFactory was approached by the owner and developer of Mowjo® to design and host an ecommerce website that would promote and sell their new robotic lawn mowers. The design had to be modern, professional and well organised to attract a specific market and ultimately grow the business through online sales.

iFactory Solution

The powerful content management system, Bigcommerce, was selected due to its extensive ecommerce functionality, beautiful themes and low cost. iFactory customised a Bigcommerce theme, adding high res imagery and effective colour contrast, to attract the demographic and influence their decision to buy. In the website back end, iFactory also set up permission sets and enabled several functions including stock management, order handling, checkout, shipping/handling and analytics to track success.

Key website features included:

  • Bigcommerce as Content Management System (CMS)
  • ecommerce functionality
  • Responsive web design
  • Payment Gateway set up for PayPal and credit cards
  • Interactive banner and mixed-media gallery

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