Case Study: Universal Cranes

Case Study: Universal Cranes

About the Client

Head to any construction site in Queensland or Northern NSW and you’re likely to see the towering cranes of the Universal Cranes fleet. This Brisbane-based business is your go-to experts for all things lifting, from complex lifts to pick and carry services. From Roma and Central Queensland, right down through Brisbane and Ballina, each one of their branches is a locally owned and operated business, who provide safe and reliable crane hire services with the ability to lift anywhere, anytime.

Client Objective

Universal Cranes required a custom-designed website which prioritised their unified brand yet allowed each branch to maintain their unique identity. They wanted their website to reflect their complete fleet capability and display their technical data in an engaging and simplified way for busy clients. It was important for each Universal Cranes branch to have access to their own section of the website to allow for easy local content updating.

iFactory Solution

To cater to Universal Cranes need to solidify their brand, yet highlight each branch, iFactory’s team of designers created a responsive multi-site – multiple websites within the one content management system.

The content management system (CMS), WordPress was chosen as a simple and powerful tool for creating the multiple sites, which also allowed specific permissions to different branch administrators. The website featured an advanced search entry for technical and fleet data, as well as a location-based search function.  Each multi-site featured specific brand info, contact information, a meet the team section and the fleet available. 

Additional features included image galleries, social media integration and Google Maps integration for each branch location.


  • WordPress as Content Management System (CMS)
  • Responsive web design
  • Interactive mixed-media gallery
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Maps integration
  • Advanced search function
  • Enquiry form with database management

Completed:       September 2017

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