About the Client

For people with asthma, the simple act of breathing can be a difficult and terrifying experience. Asthma is a life-long condition of the airways, which become inflamed when exposed to triggers. At the moment, there is no cure for asthma, however it can be managed. Asthma Australia help people to breathe so they can live freely. They are the peak body for people living with asthma and their core operations focus on education, training, research and advocacy. Asthma Australia work with health professionals, researchers and governments to deliver prevention and health strategies to improve the lives of 500,000 Australians.

Client Objective

The Asthma Australia team wanted to transition their online presence from a state-based organisation with siloed websites, to a national one for everyone across the country affected by asthma. That meant that their new site would be an all-in-one ‘go to’ site for information on asthma and how to manage it on a daily basis.

The new website needed to:

  • Allow users to better manage their asthma
  • Offer an interactive experience that let Asthma Australia engage with their users in a two-way fashion
  • To grow, recognise and manage their financial supports
  • To highlight in-market social change and fundraising campaigns throughout the year
  • To maximise and promote their research program
  • For the website design to reflect Asthma Australia’s position as the nation’s key lung health charity. A trusted source of information too

iFactory Solution

iFactory worked closely with the Asthma Australia team to make sure their objectives would be met in a variety of proven and innovative ways.

The organisation was simultaneously undergoing a branding refresh and iFactory’s team of designers used the new design ethos to form the basis of the new Asthma Australia website. We built a modern, flexible CMS (in this case, WordPress) designed to not only handle their current requirements but allow them to grow well into the future as new opportunities present themselves.

The simple layout and information architecture allows users of all experience levels to quickly find the information they are after. Additionally, we incorporated their existing donation form seamlessly within the new website, which gave existing users a sense of continuity and allowed site administrators to just have one central database of donor information.

An intuitive search system was implemented that offered dynamic filtering, making searching for training services and local support all the more easier. Finally, we also implemented a quick poll to get feedback in a friendly fashion that will inform new developments and services in the future.

Services provided

Content Management System
Digital Strategy
Web Development