About the Client

Even if you don’t realise it, ATF is practically a household name. They’re the country’s biggest supplier of temporary fencing for sporting events, construction sites and anywhere that needs partitioning quickly and securely.

Client Objective

ATF’s operations extend around the country and on any given day there could be hundreds of ATF contractors on site installing, repairing or removing fencing products. Keeping track of what everyone is doing – and saving on needless paperwork in the process – quickly became a priority. Additionally, it became clear that the company needed a digital tool to run their team members through SWMS management and other training procedures.

iFactory Solution

We built ATF a Software As A Service (SaaS) platform using Node.js, which gave every driver, installer and manager instant access to the day’s operations. We custom developed forms for people to document their SWMS processes, undergo inspections, run audits and handle training and competency deliverables. Every form and report on the service is fully customisable.

Services provided

Application Development
Digital Strategy
UX Design
Web Development