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AVE Bikes
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About the Client

Electric Bicycles are fast becoming the next big thing in personal transport, as new battery technologies increase the rider’s range and top speed. AVE Bikes are taking this concept to the next level, with smart designs and a range of e-bikes aimed at beginners, experienced pros and everyone in between. Not only do AVE Bikes want to see more people going from A to B with their eco-friendly bikes, but they want the spirit of adventure to encourage riders to explore more of the world around them.


Client Objective

Making the world’s best e-bikes is one thing, but selling them online to a global audience is quite another. AVE Bikes needed a site that could not only demonstrate the large range on offer but also cater to the company’s two current audiences: Australia and Germany.

To make the website really stand out and offer customers more choice and flexibility, the company also required a bike configurator to let site visitors customise their ebike to suit their taste and needs. This would need to be backed up by a comprehensive ecommerce system that handled customer orders and integrated with their accounting systems. The company also required their HubSpot digital inbound marketing and sales platform to seamlessly integrate into the new site.

iFactory Solution

This was no ordinary site build. To take on this mammoth project we planned the site design out extensively, making sure that we solved as many technical and design problems as possible before development started proper. This saved a huge amount of time in the long run.We chose the Magento 2 platform to build the site in, as it offered extensive customisation options alongside the site speed needed to keep site visitors engaged. We also developed a system where changes to bike frame colours were applied to the photo immediately, providing instant feedback to the user. Finally, multiple language options were added so that site administrators could manage the English and German language pages from one content management system with an IP lookup to detect which language and domain to serve.


• Magento 2 Ecommerce & CMS platform
• Digital Marketing
• Digital Strategy
• Web Hosting
• Workshops
• Social Media Strategy
• Ecommerce Functionality
• Payment Gateway
• Custom ebike configurator
• Integration into Third-Party Applications
• Language Switcher and IP Country Detection
• Holding Page
• Search Engine Optimisation

Services provided

Application Development
Digital Marketing
Digital Strategy
UX Design
Web Development