Contented Chef

About the Client

Contented Chef, part of the PresCare Group of companies, easily and simply delivers high quality and nutritious meals direct to people. A team of the best restaurant-trained chefs cater to everywhere from cafeterias, retirement living villages to aged care homes, as well as right to people’s doorsteps. The menu is adorned with simple traditional classics, gourmet selections from around the world, and everything in-between. Meals can be altered to suit each customer’s dietary requirements, providing even more convenience.

Client Objective

The company wanted to expand their capability by offering more functionality for site administrators and B2B customers, such as the ability for customers to order and reorder from customised menu lists. This would require an extensive overhaul of the site’s ecommerce functionality to suit. For example, the internal ecommerce system’s pricing, product and category availability, shipping and quantity standards would need to be addressed with these new functionality requirements in mind.

Additionally, site speed was an element that Contented Chef wanted to address. iFactory’s research showed that sites that do not load pages quickly enough ran the greatest risk of losing viewer attention, which is critical on an ecommerce site. They also wanted a system that could automatically transfer orders to the Epicor ESP, which would save countless administrative hours.

iFactory Solution

iFactory took the opportunity to address both issues with the one site refresh, moving the site to the open source Magento V2 platform from the existing functional (yet dated) Magento 1 system.

We rebuilt the ecommerce functionality to accommodate the modern demands of B2B and B2C customers, providing both markets with intuitive and friendly online shopping experiences. Magento – a Content Management System designed primarily for ecommerce – was the right tool for the job, thanks to its extensive functionality and wealth of 3rd party components. Of primary importance was connectivity with Contented Chef’s internal accounting systems, which was made possible with the new site.

Thanks to the speed and versatility of the Magento V2 platform, pages loaded faster than ever before, providing a markedly better shopping experience.

Services provided

Content Management System
UX Design
Web Development