My Profile Page

About the Client

Australian Fundraising has been helping schools, clubs and organisations raise money since 1999. Chances are if you’ve ever been approached with a tempting offer to buy delicious treats to help your local school, Australian Fundraising was part of the process. With over $70M of funds raised through the company’s offerings, the family-run business has taken online fundraising to the next level.

Client Objective

The client needed to develop an innovative solution that could not only process donations securely and efficiently online, but also let customers set up their own profile to share with others and help raise more funds. My Profile Page needed to let schoolkids have an easily-accessible and inviting way to demonstrate their fundraising goals, dynamically update the rewards that were on offer and entice donors to make a pledge before paying online right away.

iFactory Solution

The website was designed by iFactory with the target audience – schoolchildren and parents – firmly in mind, with bright, engaging visuals and a heavy focus on making the user interface as easy to understand and intuitive as possible.

The highlights of My Profile Page:

  • Parents can create an account, then create fundraising pages for multiple children who are then connected to their school and classroom
  • Full integration with GoFundraise online fundraising platform to assist with security and invoicing
  • Reporting functionality for client and school (teacher)
  • Children can pick prizes for meeting fundraising goals
  • Cyber-security conscious approach to setting up child pages

Our team of web application developers worked with Australian Fundraising and their third-party donation processing vendors to provide users with accurate data about their fundraising goals in real time, giving users instant feedback.

Services provided

Application Development
Content Management System
UX Design