Application Development

Transform the way your website performs on the move

Applications are the way most people view the online world through their mobile phones and tablets. The number of smartphone users worldwide is continually climbing and will soon hit two billion people, so making specialised applications designed for the way they go online makes sense for your business and your audience.

Through both native and web applications, your content is repurposed with mobile and tablet screens in mind to make them easier to navigate on small screens. However, a quality application is more than a repackaging of your existing web content for a different screen size.

Applications can also take advantage of the technology found inside the user’s phone such as the in-built camera to read product barcodes, social media connectivity or GPS location tracking. This extends the functionality to almost anything you could imagine, and makes interacting with your products or services even easier.

of searches for something nearby result in a purchase.
HubSpot, 2017