Digital Marketing Platforms

Google Analytics, MailChimp, Vision6, Survey Monkey, Google Ads & iFactorySEO

The process of online marketing involves not just the promotion of a business, but measuring the success of its digital marketing strategies too. Online marketing combines the internet’s creative and technical tools, including website design, web development, sales and advertising with a grounding in traditional business models.

Online marketing aligns with many features of traditional marketing as it is still about connecting potential customers to your business through marketing, promotion and advertising of your products, services or brand to the world. In the case of online marketing, the world refers more specifically to the world-wide-web or internet.

Internet marketing has many advantages to help businesses grow online:

  • Low cost – advertising can reach a larger audience than would be possible with traditional methods reducing advertising budgets
  • Flexibility and convenience – customers research and purchase products and services at their leisure
  • Analytics – effective results of advertising strategies and generation of sales and online traffic to inform new advertising strategies
  • Choice – there are more channels for advertising online than there are for more traditional methods
  • Audience targeting – strategies can be tailored much more effectively with online channels than offline processes

Even though an online business or presence offers more flexibility and cost-effectiveness compared with a bricks and mortar business, marketing is still a very important aspect of running a successful business online. There are updates, new competition and marketing avenues arriving every day and it can be too difficult for a committed business owner to stay on top of all the changes. Adopting the services of a professional online marketing company can take the sting out of unsuccessful self-marketing attempts.

iFactory offers a range of online marketing plans to ensure your business goals are met with more accuracy and efficiency. Our list of online marketing tools includes:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Vision6
  • MailChimp
  • Survey Monkey
  • iFactory SEO

With a solid online strategy the marketing of your business will enjoy broader exposure, increased sales and greater brand awareness. iFactory uses the best programs, people and strategies to deliver outstanding results to our clients. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

Google Analytics
A website statistical tool.

Google Analytics is a free statistics tracking tool for your website provided by Google’s powerful server access logs. It enables site owners the ability to appraise the traffic to their website through simple text files which display a number of essential visitor habit trends. It is valuable information for website owners that surpasses analytics tools offered by many web hosting services.

Using this insightful information of visitor behaviour, Digital strategies can be amended to reflect any discrepancies or issues that are flagged in the Google Analytics data. Google provides a number of analytics tools including content, social, mobile, conversion and advertising.

Strong e-messaging solutions.

A strong advocate for e-messaging, Vision6’s mission is to empower businesses to achieve great marketing results. The thought behind e-messaging is to assist organisations with easily maintaining brand voice and messaging across channels while personalising automated email and text communications.

Vision6 assists business marketers with delivering powerful email, SMS, social and lifecycle marketing campaigns. They also work with the strategy of centralised marketing which focuses on regional businesses and their ability to control their marketing from a central location. Vision6 has a powerful API where clients can integrate their website, CRM and eCommerce systems.

Working with leading brands such as Mitsubishi Electric and GlaxoSmithKline, Vision6 have a proven track record of marketing success.

Innovative Email Marketing system.

Mailchimp is an intuitive email marketing program used to create, send and track email newsletters. They offer a range of plans to suit the size and emailing frequency of your business.

Currently 3 million people are signed up to Mailchimp who deliver highly-visual and responsive email marketing messages. The system is used by sole-trader small businesses all the way up to fortune 500 companies who wish to present strong brand integration across all of their online channels.

Mailchimp is a rapidly growing company who has over 150 employees working hard to keep enhancing the service for its 6,000 new daily customers. It is a marketing service that encourages its users to seek out innovation and reinvent the way it creates marketing opportunities through emails.

A powerful survey analytics tool.

It is the world’s most popular online survey tool that can match your customised survey with qualified respondents to deliver the information you need quickly and efficiently. It is a simple process; design your own survey from scratch or using one of their templates, choose how to distribute the survey and collect the results and then analyse the returned data through a powerful analytics tool.

Over 15 million clients have chosen to use the services of SurveyMonkey including iconic brands Facebook, Samsung and Kraft. They are leaders in online survey marketing by offering a range of features and templates to deliver the information you need for campaigns, events and projects.

Google Adwords
A powerful Google search driven strategy.

A service to market your business through Google searches using pre-determined key words related to your business focus.

It is a way to advertise your website to people using Google who search for specific products or services that align with your business. The advertising rates are based upon keyword demand for search popularity and their use in current Google Adword campaigns.

A campaign is easy to initiate as you have control over your budget, where the ad appears as well as measuring the impact of it. You can choose to engage a pay-per-click strategy for which you pay every time someone clicks on your ad or a pay-per-view campaign which charges you based on the number of times the ad appears.

Customised SEO strategy.

There are many factors which go into achieving solid SEO results. The algorithm Google uses to rank a website involves over 100 features and these change regularly. The higher a business ranks on Google the more sales and potential leads they can achieve by generating increased organic traffic.

iFactory’s experienced marketing team have in-depth knowledge and experience of how Google ranks websites and uses this knowledge to create customised SEO marketing strategies to meet client goals more quickly. Our digital retainers are designed to increase organic traffic, promote brand awareness and improve overall ranking in Google for identified keywords.