Enterprise Website Design

Group & Multi-brand ECMS Websites, Personalisation, Marketing Integration & Approval Workflow

Enterprises have sophisticated requirements from their digital platforms. Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS) deliver upon this, whether it’s managing multiple online properties, approval workflows or just accommodating thousands of pages featuring an array of differing content types. Enterprise level marketeers need to create behavior-based rules to personalise the content of their websites. With personalisation, a user’s journey through the site is recorded and activates marketing automation to drive further engagement across all digital channels on and off-site. System administrators all have sophisticated needs, from controlling user and group access to user’s at a granular level, version control or advanced security features.

Enterprise CMS features include:

  • Configurable administration
  • Monitoring site and administrator activity
  • Complex content publishing tools
  • SEO optimisation tools
  • Voice search optimisation
  • High quality modules and plugins to extend functionality
  • Content personalisation
  • A/B testing
  • Goal Tracking on and off-site
  • Marketing automation integration
  • Advanced analytics
  • Workflow approval and publishing controls
  • Enterprise security options
  • Multiple website options
  • User and group permission tiers
  • Fast configurable content search
  • Version control of all content
  • Ongoing platform support

iFactory can architect and deliver new CMS functionality to the client’s requirement if it is not in-built or available from the platform ecosystem. Talk to iFactory about your enterprise content management needs and start the conversation.