Landing Page Design

Get straight to the point in an engaging way

A landing page is more than just a quick summation of your products or services, it can also be an incredibly effective marketing tool that works well with your customers and improves your search engine optimisation (SEO).

Simply put, a landing page provides an overview of a particular part of your organisation, targeted to a particular niche. Imagine creating a flyer and then handing them out to people who are passing by your store. The landing page is it’s digital equivalent, but can offer so much more versatility and be far more effective at it’s core mission of attracting attention.

Possible focuses of a landing page on your site can include:

  • Sales promotions that are time-limited
  • Services available in a particular geographic location
  • Details about an upcoming event

The real effectiveness of landing pages is when there are multiple such pages on your site, each one being used to focus on a particular item. For example, a bedding company can have a landing page dedicated to an upcoming sale on mattresses, while another landing page can extol the virtues of their free home delivery service for people in particular suburbs.

Landing pages can also be tied to particular search terms, with effective copywriting being used to let the popular search engines know to prioritise the landing page’s content.

Creating an engaging landing page that gets your message across in an effective way takes care and an eye for quality. iFactory has extensive experience building successful landing pages as part of an overall web site design and also for custom campaigns, so talk to us today to find out what we can do for you.