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iFactory are a Brisbane web design and development firm delivering Application, Ecommerce & Digital Marketing projects across a range of channels & technology platforms.

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Who we are

iFactory are a 100% independent, full-service digital agency, specialising in Brisbane website design, applications and ecommerce solutions. We’ve been providing intelligent digital systems for Australia’s biggest brands since 2004.

Our independence means you get the right digital solution, built from scratch in-house, that blends the needs of your business and audience. Having been around for as long as we have – before the iPhone – we’ve honed in on a digital expertise balance that works best for each project, bringing together the sharpest minds in creative, development, marketing and strategic management to create targeted digital solutions fit for business purpose.

We’ve got the right digital people for what you need, simple or complex. We can’t wait to work with you.


How do we help your business?

We start with a deep understanding on who your customers are, how your business works and what your digital objectives are. The end goal is to amplify your core strength online and connect with the people who matter to your business through a digital solution that scales along with you.  

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Clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with

iFactory has been designing websites for brands in Brisbane, throughout Queensland, across Australia and around the globe for 15 years. Throughout our agency lifetime we’ve helped businesses achieve tremendous success in the digital arena through application development, website design, digital marketing and much, much more.

We’ve worked with many businesses across a wide array of sectors, from ASX listed companies, government organisations and NGOs to sophisticated SMEs, local champions and start-ups.