10 best Christmas gift ideas for web designers (2015 edition) part 1

Christmas is almost here so it’s time to get round to shopping for gifts. If your friend, partner or family member is a web designer or a digital designer and you can’t think of what to get them, we have some excellent ideas that are sure to please – whatever your budget.

1. Aeron Office Chair

Sitting at a desk day-in, day-out can put a lot of strain on a person’s back, leading to aches, pains, RSI and more. Help take care of your loved one by getting them an ergonomic office chair, such as the comfortable and sturdy Aeron Office Chair.

2. Sound-cancelling headphones

All designers need to be able to focus, and a high-quality pair of sound-cancelling headphones will enable the one you know to do just that.

3. Pencil by 53

An interesting mix of art and technology, this pencil stylus looks sleek and allows the user to use their tablet like a piece of paper.

4. Customised journal

At the heart of every web designer is an artist – a creative soul who wants to express their thoughts and ideas through visual media. You can give the web designer you know an outlet for this by buying or making them a beautiful customised journal.

5. Make Your Own Luck by Kate Moross

For the budding designer, this book by Kate Moross is a fantastic introduction to making it in the design industry.

6. Computer monitor

Again, if they’re just starting out as a web designer and currently doing their work on only one screen, you could get them a second monitor. This will make their work much more efficient and clearer – especially if they only use a small laptop at the moment.

7. Tile

This awesome little gadget with a Bluetooth tracker allows you to find things in seconds – perfect for web designers and technology lovers that have a million things to keep track of!

8. Portable Bluetooth power bank

Losing battery power on a smartphone or tablet can mean lost work and money for a graphic designer, so get them a high-end power bank to ensure their battery never runs out again.

9. Oil diffuser or air purifier

Web and graphic design is hard work, often involving days sat at a desk trying to finish projects. You can make work more pleasant for your loved one with an oil diffuser (rosemary oil works wonders for focus) or air purifier.

10. iMac or Macbook

For the truly beloved web designer in your life, you could buy the latest Apple iMac or Macbook. You’ll have a permanent place in their good books!

Here at iFactory, our team is made up of many digital professionals, including web designers, so we know exactly what kind of gifts your loved one would like. You can also check out our top 10 Christmas gift ideas for developers. Of course, our knowledge doesn’t stop there! As a full-service digital agency, we can help you with all your web design, online marketing and ecommerce needs. Get in touch today to find out more.

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