What does a Digital Designer do?

Are you a creative type with technical know-how? Do you love coming up with original ideas and putting them into action? Do you like working both independently and in collaboration with others? Perhaps you should think about pursuing a career in digital design. Here’s what it’s all about.

A variety of industries

A digital designer is also frequently referred to as a web designer, graphic designer or multimedia designer. As you might be able to tell from this variety of titles, a digital designer’s duties vary from job to job. In fact, digital designers work in areas as diverse as web design, graphic design, animation, video game design, special effects, advertising and video production.

Vision and execution

Whether you specialise in a particular field or work across a range of industries, being a digital designer nearly always involves coming up with a multimedia or graphic vision and then turning it into a reality. So, you must be able to cook up an innovative, striking, commanding concept; map it out so that it can be technically executed; and then put it out into the world.

Once your vision is ‘out there’, you need to be ready to work on it as necessary. If some parts aren’t working so smoothly, you should be willing to come up with better solutions. You need to keep track of how the general public (and potential clients) are responding to your designs and modify them accordingly. Being successful means coming up with concepts that win fans and, most of the time, sell products and services.

What experience and qualifications do I need?

Although it is possible to study digital design formally, it is not absolutely necessary. What is needed, though, is evidence of your talent, commitment and hard work. If you’re serious about getting into digital design, you should develop an impressive portfolio showcasing your very finest work. You should also become an expert in a range of computer applications, as well as markup and scripting languages. This will give you plenty of flexibility.

It is also important to gain as much work experience as possible across a range of industries and contexts. This should include both autonomous roles and those that involve collaboration with others.

Where can I find out more about digital careers?

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