2016 Sensis Social Media Report: Part Two

In part two we are focusing on the reports findings into how consumers use social media. So let’s jump right in.

The general public and social media

Welcome to Part 2 of iFactory’s 4-part blog series delving deep into the Sensis Social Media Report for 2016. The annual report, a much-valued insight into the behaviours or homes, businesses and consumers across a number of platforms, is a great indicator of what’s hot and what’s not in the world of social media. If you missed part one, head back.

This week we are focusing on the reports findings into how consumers use social media. So let’s jump right in.

How is social media faring with consumers?

69% of consumers are now on social media, which compares to almost half (48%) of small and medium businesses and over three quarters (79%) of large businesses.

The report states that a huge 69% of Aussies are now active on social media. Quite incredible really, considering that only a decade ago, many popular social media platforms didn’t even exist. If they did, they were in their infancy.

For another year, Mark Zuckerberg’s ever-evolving brainchild, Facebook, takes home the prize for the most commonly used social platform. In fact, forget online predictions of its inevitable online death, Aussie Facebook users grew from 93% to 95% in the year since the last report, and the Sensis report states that the average user of the channel spends twelve and a half hours logged in per week.

It may come as a shock to many readers, but this is a hefty four hours per week higher than a year ago. With Instagram a distant second place – jumping steadily from 26% to 31% – and networking platform LinkedIn in third place at 24% (having dropped 4%), it would be accurate to assume social media is only going from strength to strength for consumers.

Which demographic is using social media the most?

The most common places people use social media are at home (up from 93% to 96%), at work (up from 32% to 35%) or on public transport (down from 26% to 25%).

Again, the report looked into trends between age groups, and found that, not surprisingly, 18-29 year olds made up the bulk of social media users, with 90% actively using it both at home and at work, along with at the gym and on public transport. It will probably amuse you to note that the report not only looked into how often this age bracket went online during working hours, but whether they access social media while on the toilet. The answer was yes. A surprising 19%. The report found that the toilet offenders are mostly men.

That being said, it more than likely bodes well for the future of social media if the heaviest users of the platforms can’t make it through a rest break without hopping online.

Overall, the report also found that women prefer to access their social media at home, while again, men are more likely to access it at work, on public transport or at the gym.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of iFactory’s breakdown of the 2016 Sensis Social Media Report. Next time, we will be looking into businesses and their use of social media.

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