3 actionable landing page principles to improve UX and conversion

As you design your website, have your visitors’ needs in mind. Think about their goals, values, motivation and fears.

Marketers and web developers have different sentiments on how a web design should be like; while marketers want to maximise, web developers want to minimise. The design may look good, but usability is critical for conversion. Here are actionable principles that can improve user experience (UX) and conversion rates in your landing page.

1. More is less

Some marketers may think that the more content on a webpage; the more information visitors can collect; the more convincing; the more options they can have. This is wrong because too much content can be overwhelming for visitors. Most people have limited attention span and if you stuff your site, you are creating multiple attention-grabbers that may work against you. Focus on the essential to inspire the confidence in the visitor to move forward.

2. Don’t get too minimal

Unlike digital marketers, UX designers would often want to take away as much as possible. Going too minimal can frustrate them and make it difficult for users to navigate and understand the page. Visitors need sufficient visual cues, or else they may leave prematurely. Whether it adds too much clutter or feels less innovative, use iconography familiar to your target audiences. Using explicit texts and labels, and sure interaction patterns can simplify the user experience significantly.

3. Get the CTA right

Marketers may want the call-to-action to stand out in the page design, whereas web developers could want it to appear subtly. A balance can, however, be achieved. The colour on the (call to action) CTA should contrast with that in the background, but it should complement the general scheme. It should be big enough for users to see and click on, especially if they are accessing it from a mobile platform. The CTA should be placed above the fold so that the visitors don’t have to scroll all the way down to get it. If you have to include multiple CTAs, give them a visual hierarchy with the best plan standing out the most.

As you design your website, have your visitors’ needs in mind. Think about their goals, values, motivation and fears. The web designers and UX designers at iFactory can help to ensure that you don’t focus too much on the purpose of product promotion and fail to sell. Call us today if you need a webpage that will convert clicks into actual sales.

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