3 things your site does that repels potential clients

Here are three common mistakes some websites tend to make and how you can resolve them.

From design to development, creating a website that will captivate the attention of your audience is a challenge that often requires a lot of skill and experience. Here are three common mistakes that some web designers and companies – tend to make, as well as how you can resolve them.

1. Poor URL choice

While search engines have become the easiest way of finding information on the web for the past 20 years, the sheer quantity of internet traffic has increased substantially since then. At this point, you’ve probably tried Googling the name of your own company. If the name of your company isn’t the first hit on Google, then you have a major issue. Sometimes, though, no amount of optimisation can resolve this issue. For example, the British synthpop band Chrvches uses a ‘v’ instead of the ‘u’ that would normally be found in the proper spelling of ‘churches’. However, for most other cases, name alone is not good enough; ensuring that you have hit upon many keywords pertaining to your business is essential for getting fresh leads. Also, using URLs that are relevant, compelling, and accurate is also the key to ranking well.

2. Dated design

If you’ve ever visited a business and seen that the last update was from five years ago, it doesn’t instil much confidence in the company. Additionally, if your site’s aesthetic design looks like a ’90s web design project, forget a new coat of paint… it’s time to get a complete upgrade. Also, if your site has a ‘last updated’ footnote, ensure that it’s the current year.

3. Poorly written content that is plagued with errors

To many people, there is nothing that screams ‘unprofessional’ more than a site that is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. Hiring a reputable copywriter and editor is a good way of ensuring that your content is slick and interesting, which means you can instead focus on running your business instead of creating content on a regular basis.

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